The Everdragons team is working hard every day to make Everdragons the best blockchain game. During the development things constantly change and evolve and we are getting many questions from our active community. We try to answer them all and hope to already cover a large part of your questions with these FAQ.

If your question is not answered here, please write your questions publicly in our social media channels. This way everyone can profit from the answer. If the questions gets a lot of attention, we will add it here in the FAQ.

Thank you!


What is Everdragons?

What do I need for playing Everdragons?

What dApp browsers do you recommend?

What is gas?




How do I buy Everdragons?

Whats the pricing of Newly Spawned Everdragons?

How do I sell Everdragons?

What is the Power Source?

What is a Challenge?

How much does it cost to enter the games?

What can I win?

How does the scarcity control algorithm work?




Can I make Ether with Everdragons?

How can I save Ether on the pre-sale?

How can I earn Ether with the Promo Code?