The Everdragons team is working hard every day to make Everdragons the best blockchain game. During the development things constantly change and evolve and we are getting many questions from our active community. We try to answer them all and hope to already cover a large part of your questions with these FAQ.

If your question is not answered here, please write your questions publicly in our social media channels. This way everyone can profit from the answer. If the questions gets a lot of attention, we will add it here in the FAQ.

Thank you!


Everdragons is fully decentralized so you do not need to register on the website or log in. All you need is a DApp browser.

The dApp browsers we recommend are as follows:

PC users:

Eth & POA: Nifty (Chrome Plugin)

TRON: Tronpay (Chrome Plugin)

For mobile users there are dApp browser apps available to download from the app store.

We recommend the following:

Eth & POA: Trust (iOS & Android )

TRON: Mathwallet (available for download from thewebsite)

Once you have downloaded a dApp browser on PC or mobile you can create a digital wallet. This is where you will hold your Crpytocurrency and your Everdragons. 
When creating a wallet you will be asked to create a password.

You will also be given 12 seed words. These words are the only way to access your wallet if you forget your password.

Keep the seed words in a safe place. If you lose access to your wallet or have to reinstall your wallet, there is no other way to gain access to your wallet or the funds that are in it.

To get Cryptocurrency you will need to register at an exchange. Some of the most popular are listed:

  • Coinbase
  • Bitpanda
  • Binance

These are what are known as fiat cryptocurrency exchanges. 'Fiat' refers to money that a government has declared to be legal tender, e.g. USD, Euro, GBP etc. Meaning you can exchange your fiat money for a cryptocurrency.

  1. Register at an exchange and follow the verification process.
  2. Deposit your fiat money.
  3. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to buy.
  4. Choose the amount you want to buy and purchase.

An exchange that sometimes requires no registration is Coinswitch.co. Here you can buy many cryptocurrencies including Ether, POA and TRON with your credit card and you can also exchange cryptocurrencies e.g. Eth to POA etc

  1. Enter the address you would like the cryptocurreny sent to
  2. Send exchanging currency to the address given or enter credit card details.
  3. Wait 20 - 30 minutes for the exchange.

If you are using one of the fiat exchanges listed above you will have to transfer the cryptocurrency to your DApp browser. To do so:

  1. Copy the address of your dApp browser.
  2. Go to your exchange wallet.
  3. Choose the option to send/deposit cryptocurrency.
  4. In the 'to' field paste your dApp browser address.
  5. 'Send' cryptocurrency.
  6. Check your dApp browser, to see if the cryptocurrency has arrived.

* Please note this can take a few minutes

If you use coinswitch you will already enter the address of your DApp browser you wish your cryptocurrency to be sent to as part of the exchange/purchase.

Cryptocurrencies are a digital currency built on cryptography as a security measure, making it difficult to counterfeit. They are not controlled by any central authority.

There are currently A LOT of cryptocurrencies available on the market, each one with a different purpose.

Cryptocurrencies are exclusive to the network they are built on so when using POA network you will need POA, for Ethereum you will need Ether etc.

For playing Everdragons you will mostly need POA and TRON.

  • Everdragons spans three blockchains, Ethereum, POA network and TRON.
  • There are marketplaces on Ethereum , POA and TRON where users can buy and sell Everdragons.
  • The games are currently available on POA and TRON
  • Dragons bought on Ethereum can be easily transferred to POA network or TRON to play the games.
  • The Eth - POA and the ETH – Tron bridges are currently one way. Once moved from Ethereum you cannot move back until the bridge is made bidirectional in the future.
  • The POA - TRON bridge is bidirectional.

It is up to you how much Ether/POA/TRON you would like to purchase. You can always go back and buy more or exchange back to fiat money.

A decentralized blockchain consists of many independent nodes that all reach consensus via the blockchains protocol. Since the keyword here is independent, there needs to be an incentive for running a node. This incentive is usually a monetary incentive and partially provided by the transaction fees of the users. In other words: Transaction fees pay for infrastructure.

Another reason for transaction fees is to make sure that users don’t squander the networks resources. A decentralized network without fees would quickly be exploited. In other words: Transaction fees protect the network.

Find out more info on transaction fees on Ethereum, POA and TRONhere.

Everdragons started on the Ethereum blockchain and expanded to POA Network as a solution to the ongoing network congestion causing high transaction fees. The platform then expanded to TRON to give players another option. Spanning 3 blockchains also gives added security to players assets.

POA offers cheap and fast transactions. TRON offers fast transactions and the option of free transactions.

There is a marketplace on both blockchains so players can purchase and sell dragons on Ethereum and POA.

There are marketplaces on all three blockchains.

The games are live on POA and TRON

Bridges connect the three chains. The current bridge set up is:

  • ETH to POA
  • ETH to TRON
  • POA to TRON
  1. On the Collect page click the dragon you want to move
  2. Click the ‘Bridge’ icon on the right
  3. Here you will see the options for bridging. Go to the section with the chain you want to bridge to and check the address
  4. The first time you bridge the address will be blank. You must enter the address of your TRON/POA account and click update address and confirm the transaction on your DApp browser. This will connect the bridge to your account on the other chain

    Please note: Updating your address is a transaction and saves on the blockchain. This builds a bridge to this account for any dragons you transfer until you update it.
  5. Once the transaction goes through the send button will activate.
  6. Click send and confirm the transaction on your DApp browser
  7. After a short time your dragon will be available to use on the other chain


  1. To buy an Everdragon go to 'TRADE' on everdragons.com.
  2. On PC - Ensure Nifty/MetaMask/Tronpay is logged in and on mainnet.
  3. On mobile – Access everdragons.com through your dApp browser app.
  4. In the marketplace browse the dragons for sale and choose one you would like to purchase.
  5. Click on the dragon. If it is a Newly Spawned Dragon (NSE) you will notice the promo code box meaning you can get 5% discount on the price. (You can look at our social media channels or search in google for a promo code to use).

    When you have found a promo code, enter it in the box.
  6. Player sold dragons do not have a promo code discount, but they may already have prestige and experience points.
  7. Click 'Buy Now'
  8. A Nifty/MetaMask/Tronpay window will open or on mobile you will be directed to the payment page.
  9. Click 'Confirm' and wait for the transaction to complete.
  10. When the transaction is complete, you will find your newly purchased Everdragon in the 'COLLECT' page.

Newly spawned Everdragons are put on the Marketplace, together with the Everdragons that are traded by players. There will always be around 5% - 10% newly spawned Everdragons on the Marketplace with a fixed price range.

This ensures a constant supply of Newly Spawned Everdragons that are sold at a fixed price.

Everdragons are sold via the reverse auction system over a 48 hour period.

Players will always have the chance to purchase an Everdragon at a price within the range of Entry price and Minimum price.

The prices of Everdragons with a lot of Prestige and Experience on the other hand are volatile and leave room for speculation and high profits.

Everdragons are sold by the reverse auction system. This means they have an entry price that slowly declines over time down to a minimum price. Once the reverse auction has reached the minimum price, it will remain there until the Everdragon is sold.

This system gives players the chance to get the Everdragon they really want by purchasing it at or near the entry price. If the demand for this Everdragon seems low, players can wait till the price declines and grab a good bargain.

Everdragons for sale will appear on the Marketplace alongside Newly Spawned Everdragons.

If players decide to sell one of their Everdragons they can do so with the reverse auction system, ensuring they get the best price.

This means the player sets up a preferred sale price and a minimum sale price.

The price slowly decreases from the preferred parameter until someone buys the Everdragon or it hits the minimum sales price where it will stay until it is sold or the auction is cancelled.

  1. To sell an Everdragon go the 'Collect' tab on the main menu and select the Dragon you would like to sell.
  2. Click the 'Sell' icon: 
  3. Enter your preferred start price, end price and duration of auction.
  4. Click the sell icon again and kick off the transaction on your dApp browser.
  5. The Everdragon will appear on the Marketplace alongside the other dragons for sale.

An important factor for the value of a collectible is its scarcity. To support a stable and slightly increasing value, the number of Everdragons is controlled by the scarcity control algorithm (SCA). Depending on the supply and demand of Everdragons on the Marketplace, the SCA will adjust the number of newly spawned Everdragons.

By keeping the count of new Everdragons controlled, chances for extreme volatility are drastically decreased.

The SCA is in charge of spawning Newly Spawned Everdragons (NSE) in the Marketplace. It operates by the following rules:

  1. Make sure there is always a minimum count of NSE on the Marketplace to create new choices.
  2. If a large percentage of auctions have hit the minimum price, stop spawning new Everdragons.
  3. Slowly spawn more Everdragons to keep the number of NSE at a certain percentage of overall auctions activity to stabilize the average price.

Everdragons are driven by a Power Source outside the Blockchain. Each Everdragon is allocated a Power Source Number, which is embedded in their DNA. This number determines the source of Power for the Everdragons in the games.

For example: In the Race, a game based on the course of cryptocurrencies, this Power Source Number determines which cryptocurrency each Everdragon is connected to and therefore dictates its performance in this game.

In a game based on a sporting event, this Power Source Number determines which team/athlete each Everdragon is associated with. The performance of the team/athlete then dictates the performance of the Everdragon in this game.

Each game will specify what the Power Source is connected to for that game.

With every game comes an opportunity to gain Experience points and also to win Prestige and Gold coins.

Experience: Awarded to all participating Dragons in each game whether they win or not.
Indicates how active a Dragon is in the games.
Dragons with higher Experience points will be able to enter higher level games.
Increasing Experience increases the maximum fullness level.

Prestige: Awarded to the winning Dragon(s) of a game.
Prestige can be used to host your own games.

Gold coins: Gold coins are awarded to winning dragon(s). The amount of gold coins awarded varies with each game depending on how much fullness is required to participate.
If several dragons share a win they split the pot of gold coins.
Gold coins can be used to feed dragons or can be sold to the platform for POA/TRON.

Everdragons keep their Prestige and Experience, meaning if they are sold their Prestige and Experience points go with them.

Everdragons hand over any Gold Coins they win to their owner.

Gold coins are won in the games and can be used to feed your dragons or can be sold back to the platform for POA/TRON.

First they need to be claimed.

To claim Gold Coins:

  1. Go to EARN on the main menu.
  2. Scroll down to ‘My Rewards’ where you will see how many gold coins you can claim
  3. Click ‘Claim’ and confirm the transaction in your DApp browser.
  4. After a few seconds the transaction will confirm and your gold coins will be displayed in ‘My Coins’ in the EARN page.

Gold coins can be sold to the platform for POA/TRON after they have been claimed.

  1. Go to EARN on the main menu
  2. Under ‘My Coins’ your gold coin balance will be displayed
  3. Click on the gold coin icon.
  4. A drop down box will display. Here enter how many gold coins you would like to sell.
  5. Click ‘Sell’ and confirm the transaction in your DApp browser.
  6. After a few seconds your gold coins will be exchanged for POA or TRON depending on the network they were won on and will be available in your DApp browser account.
  7. Gold coins can also be used to Feed your dragon.

Dragons need food in their bellies in order to participate in the games. To feed:

  1. Go to COLLECT.
  2. Select a dragon you would like to feed and click ‘Feed’
  3. Dragons can be fed using gold coins or POA/TRON depending on the network the dragon is on.
  4. Enter how much POA/TRON you would like to feed with or how many gold coins you would like to use.
  5. Click FEED and complete the transaction on your DApp browser.
  6. When the transaction is complete the fullness will be updated under your dragon. 
    1 POA = 1 fullness point
    1 TRON = 1 fullness point
    1 Gold coin = 1 fullness point
  1. To join a game, dragons need to be fed. When participating in a game the fullness level will decrease.
  2. When your dragon is fed go to the PLAY tab on the main menu.
  3. Click Dragons
  4. The current available games will be displayed.
  5. Click which game you would like to join.
  6. Choose one of your Everdragons to participate in the game.
  7. Complete the transaction on your DApp browser to confirm the dragons entry to the game.
  8. Wait for the game to start (start time indicated in the game menu).
  9. You can watch any of the games by clicking on the WATCH in the PLAY tab.
  1. To watch a game go to PLAY on the main menu and click Watch
  2. Filter games you would like to watch by game type, games I am participating in etc.
  3. Click on the game you would like to watch.

To host a game you will need an Everdragon with Prestige.
Everdragons can exchange their Prestige to host their own game where they make the rules.
Players can build a game from preset criteria, including:

  • Choose a type of game from a list (Race, Theme Party, Treasure hunt. etc.)
  • Define the duration of the game.
  • Select a start time.
  • Define entry criteria (Everdragon experience levels, fullness points required etc.)
  • Define how many Dragons can enter.

Game hosting is coming soon.

The Promo Code has two functions.Discount and Payout.

Discount: A Promo Code can be used when purchasing a Newly Spawned Everdragon from the marketplace and will give the buyer 5% discount on their purchase.

Payout: The person who owns the Promo Code being used will automatically receive 5% of the full purchase price directly to their wallet.

Promo Codes only work for Newly Spawned Everdragons bought from the platform.

The Promo Code is a unique 6 digit code. It is created, saved and accessed purely on the Blockchain.

You cannot use your own Promo Code to receive discount on Newly Spawned Everdragons.

Every player who has an Everdragon in their wallet can generate a six digit Promo Code.

How to:

  • Go to the EARN tab on the main menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click 'Generate Promo Code'
  • Kick off the transaction in your wallet.
  • Once the Transaction is complete your Promo Code will appear.
  • You can share your Promo Code and post to our Social media channels/threads.

Players who wish to transfer an Everdragon from one wallet to another on the same network can do so using the Gift function.

  1. Go to 'Collect' on the main menu.
  2. Click on the Dragon you wish to send.
  3. Click on the Gift option.
  4. Enter the address of the wallet you want to send your Dragon to.
  5. Click on the Gift button and kick off the transaction in your wallet.
  6. When the transaction is complete the dragon will leave your wallet and appear in the other wallet.