The Everdragons team is working hard every day to make Everdragons the best blockchain game. During the development things constantly change and evolve and we are getting many questions from our active community. We try to answer them all and hope to already cover a large part of your questions with these FAQ.

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Everdragons is a decentralized blockchain application that includes various types of games and betting with the chance to win Ether. It incorporates real life events and at the core of it all holds the awesome and unique collectibles called Everdragons.

To play Everdragons you will need a dApp browser. This is a digital wallet that can hold your Ether funds and communicate directly with the Everdragons dApp.

Recommended dApp browsers:

In addition you will will need some Ether in that wallet. Ether is the crypto currency required to make transactions on Everdragons.

Gas is the term used to describe the cost of powering a transaction or contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the blockchain is decentralized, each transaction is trasmitted through mulitple computers to confirm, rather than a central server. This requires more power which is covered by the Gas price. The gas price you specify is used by the miners to rank transactions for inclusion in the blockchain which may determine the speed of the transaction.

Users determine and pay the gas price. Best check the Ether Gas Station and add 1-2 Gwei to make sure your Transaction goes through swiftly.


To begin with, players will require a browser plugin wallet like Metamask with Ether to buy an Everdragon from the Marketplace. All newly spawned Everdragons will appear on the Marketplace, where players can also buy Everdragons from other players.

Everdragons are sold by the reverse auction system. This means they have an entry price that slowly declines over time down to a minimum price. Once the reverse auction has reached the minimum price, it will remain there until the Everdragon is sold.

This system gives players the chance to get the Everdragon they really want by purchasing it at or near the entry price. If the demand for this Everdragon seems low, players can wait till the price declines and grab a good bargain instead.

As with all Ethereum transactions, buying will require a Gas price to process the transaction. This is determined and paid by the buyer and influences the speed of the transaction. A fast transaction can be essential to having the lead on an especially interesting purchase.

Newly spawned Everdragons are put on the Marketplace, together with the Everdragons that are traded by players. There will always be around 5% - 10% newly spawned Everdragons on the Marketplace with a fixed price range. Although the newly spawned Everdragons have no Prestige or Gems, their price does influence the average market price significantly.

Everdragons are sold via the reverse auction system. The pricing system is as follows:

Entry price: 0.5 ETH + ( 0.005 ETH / every month after release)
Minimum price: 0.1 ETH + ( 0.005 ETH / every month after release)
Reverse auction time frame: 48 hours (with exceptions for special Everdragons)

This ensures a constant supply of Newly Spawned Everdragons that are sold at a fixed price which slowly increases over the months. This has a stabilizing influence on the Marketplace with the tendency to a slight but noticeable increase over time. Players will always have the chance to purchase an Everdragon at a price within the range of Entry price and Minimum price.

The prices of Everdragons with a lot of Prestige and Gems on the other hand are volatile and leave room for speculation and high profits.

Everdragons for sale will appear on the Marketplace alongside Newly Spawned Everdragons. If players decide to sell one of their Everdragons they can do so with the reverse auction system, ensuring they get the best price. This means the player sets up a preferred sale price and a minimum sale price. The price slowly decreases from the preferred parameter until someone buys the Everdragon or it hits the minimum sales price where it will stay until it is sold or the auction is cancelled.

Everdragons are driven by a Power Source outside the Blockchain. Each Everdragon is allocated a Power Source Number, which is embedded in their DNA. This number determines the source of Power for the Everdragons in each game.

For example: In a game based on the course of cryptocurrencies, this Power Source Number determines which cryptocurrency each Everdragon is connected to and therefore dictates its performance in this game.

In a game based on a sporting event, this Power Source Number determines which team/athlete each Everdragon is associated with. The performance of the team/athlete then dictates the performance of the Everdragon in this game.

Everdragons can use the gems they have won in the Everdragon games to open their own game to challenge other Everdragons. There is a wide selection of games and specifics.

The challenger defines the rules of the game, including game type, bonuses, duration, entrance fee, etc. The entrance fee is paid in Ether and becomes the prize pot. This prize pot is divided amongst the victorious Everdragons. A challenge worth accepting!

Each game will have an entry fee which is indicated in the game details. Along with that players will have to pay Gas, as with every transaction on the blockchain.

There will be a wide range of games with varying entry fees. Of course the higher the entrance fee, the higher the prize pot!

With every game comes an opportunity to gain prestige and also to win gems and Ether. Every Everdragon who enters a game, whether they win or not, will gain prestige. This indicates how often an Everdragon participates in games.

When an Everdragon wins a race they will be awarded gems which the Everdragon can use to set challenges. They will also win Ether from the prize pot of entrance fees.

Everdragons will keep their prestige and gems, meaning if a player sells their Everdragon the prestige and gems go with it. However Everdragons always hand their Ether over to their owner.

An important factor for the value of a collectible is its scarcity. To support a stable and slightly increasing value, the number of Everdragons is controlled by the scarcity control algorithm (SCA). Depending on the supply and demand of Everdragons on the Marketplace, the SCA will adjust the number of newly spawned Everdragons.

By keeping the count of new Everdragons controlled, chances for extreme volatility are drastically decreased. It is the goal of Everdragons to have a slight incline in value for young Everdragons to make first investments almost risk free for the player.

The SCA is in charge of spawning Newly Spawned Everdragons (NSE) in the Marketplace. It operates by the following rules:

  1. Make sure there is always a minimum count of NSE on the Marketplace to stabilize the average price.
    • Check the number of NSE on the Marketplace. If it is lower than the minimum number spawn the difference.
  2. Check if the prices are stable before you continue spawning. This creates scarcity and supports an increase in price.
    • If 50% of the NSE on the Marketplace have hit the minimum reverse auction price, skip point 3 until next cycle.
  3. Don’t generate too many NSE to allow a supply and demand economy and a good trading environment for players.
    • Check the percentage of NSE in relation to the total number of Everdragons on the Marketplace. If there are less than 5% NSE, calculate the difference to reach 10% NSE and spawn this number of Everdragons.


Promote: Bring new players to Everdragons and earn through the promo code system. This works elegantly via smart contract and automated payouts and is interesting for influencers.

Trade: Buy Everdragons when they are low in price and sell with profit by understanding the market. Everdragons are connected to events outside the blockchain through their power source number. The number stays the same but the source itself can change or the power provided by that source. This can be due to fluctuation of cryptocurrency courses, upcoming sporting events, publishing of rankings, etc. Understanding the connection, knowing the real life events and studying the behavior or Everdragon players can make for a very successful trader!

Training Everdragons: Newly spawned Everdragons come at a fixed price range. Once they played plenty of games and collected Gems and Prestige, they are more valuable, especially to high rollers who need a certain level of and type of Everdragon this instant to win a high stake contest. Training Everdragons is interesting for players who have time but don’t want to risk anything. Also: To increase the Prestige of an Everdragon you can also feed it. With what? Well, we will see.

Play: Understand the games and the power source and compete a lot. The fees to join are low but with a high number of participating Everdragons you can win quite big. Also, winners of games get a share of the betting prize pool. That is the advantage of having your own Everdragon.

Bet: If you don’t own the right Everdragon but you are certain about who will win the current contest, just place your bet with no limit. This has the highest risk and also the highest fee, since a share will go to the winning Everdragon, but it is the quickest way for a sure wager. And the fees are still lower than at the bookies.

Mine: Whilst you are not playing, you can set your Everdragons to generate Gems for you. Of course, an Everdragon does not go into the mine itself but it can oversee a mine and take a cut of the mined Gems. The Gems that are mined go to the Everdragon and can later be spent to create challenges.
Many of you have asked: Can Everdragons mine Ether? The idea for the future is: Yes. The Ether that is mined is a share of the platforms incomes and is forwarded to the wallet of the player. This automatically makes every player a shareholder of Everdragons, which is our long term goal. But this feature is still several month away and the details are not written in stone.

The Everdragon Egg Pre-sale is a chance for early birds to save Ether on their purchase and profit from an early investment.

The pre-sale starts before the trading platform goes live. During this pre-sale the future players can purchase Everdragon Eggs that will hatch on the day the trading platform goes live. Whilst the players will not know what their Everdragons will look like, the pre-sale has several benefits.

The Everdragon Eggs are now 10% cheaper than the minimum price of an Everdragon at the time of the release:

  • 0.09 ETH for an Everdragon Egg.
  • 0.1 ETH for the minimum sales price of the Everdragons, 48 hours after spawning.

But on a closer look at the reverse auction system and the pricing for Everdragons we get the following numbers:

  • 0.09 ETH for the Everdragon Egg.
  • 0.5 ETH entry price of the Everdragons at time of their spawning.
  • If you sell your hatched Everdragon for this price, this is a massive saving.

That sounds like a good deal for traders!

The Everdragon Egg Pre-sale is linked with the Promo Code. So yes, the player gets the Promo Code discount on top of the pre-sale discount! If you are buying an egg, don’t forget to look out for a Promo Code first. Be nice and use the one from the person who told you about Everdragons!

All Everdragon Eggs are created and stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. All transactions are 100% between the players MetaMask wallet and the Everdragons DApp.

The Promo Code is one of the first ways to earn Ether with Everdragons. It has two functions, discount and payout, and is a way for us to say thank you for recommending Everdragons to your friends and family.

How does it work?

Every player that has purchased a Newly Spawned Everdragon or an Everdragon Egg can request their free Promo Code. To be more precise, every MetaMask wallet that owns any Everdragons or Everdragon Eggs can freely access the DApp to generate it’s Promo Code.

When the pre-sale goes live in April, simply click on the request button on the website, kick off the transaction with MetaMask and receive the Promo Code.

Anyone who has claimed a Promo Code can pass it on to other players, or potential players, that wish to purchase an Everdragon Egg or later a Newly Spawned Everdragon. The player will gladly use this code as it gains them discount on their purchase. Then, the owner of the code will be paid a thank you fee directly to their MetaMask wallet.

The discount and payouts are as follows:

  • Bonus for players that use a Promo Code: 5% discount on your purchase.
  • Payout for owner of the Promo Code: 5% of the original purchase price.
  • Promo Codes only work for Everdragon Eggs and Newly Spawned Everdragons bought from us.

For more information about the Dragon Egg Pre-sale, look into "How does the Everdragon Egg pre-sale work" here on the FAQ.

The Promo Code is a unique 6 digit code. It is created, saved and accessed purely on the Ethereum Blockchain.

We will be releasing Promo Codes to some bloggers, Youtubers and other influencers before the launch date, keep an eye out for these codes so you don’t have to pay full price for your Everdragon Egg!

If you are an influencer interested in receiving a Promo Code to promote on your platform, please leave a comment here or contact us on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll get back to you.

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