Everdragons is a blockchain based gaming platform. It is the easiest and most fun way to get started with crypto and blockchain. Collect cool Everdragons and let them play and compete with others!

Status: Version 0.3 early access


This is awarded to Everdragons who win games. Prestige can be used by the Everdragon to host their own games. A high number of Prestige may increase the value of the Everdragon.




This is the Dragons Domain. Earth, Water, Air or Fire. The domain determines the Dragons colors and, for certain games, its alliance or bonuses.


By participating in games, Everdragons earn experience which gains them access to higher level games. A high level of experience may increase the value of the Everdragon.

Power Source

Each Everdragon is allocated a Power Source number which is embedded in its DNA. It determines which source outside the blockchain each Everdragon is powered by.


Buy, sell and collect! Everdragons make for interesting trading as they are all 100% unique in appearance and have several attributes.


Let your Everdragon cubs play in the dragon games where they can reach achievements and win prizes from the leaderboards.


Put your grown Everdragon forth in the competitions and win prestige, experience, gold coins and other treasrures to trade and use.


Everdragons are all 100% unique, no two are the same. They vary in design, color, origin, domain and Power Source. These aspects are written into the Everdragons DNA, embedded in the Blockchain, and can never be altered.

Power Source

Everdragons are driven by powers beyond the Blockchain. Each Everdragon is allocated a Power Source number, which is embedded in its DNA. It determines which source outside the Blockchain each Everdragon is powered by.

Example: In a race, Everdragons are powered by the course of cryptocurrencies. Power Source 1 would connect an Everdragon to Bitcoin, as it is the first cryptocurrency by market cap. Power Source 2 would connect it to Ethereum. When the cryptocurrency gains value throughout the time of the race, the Everdragon performs better. In a game based on a sporting event, Power Source number determines which team/athlete each Everdragon is associated with. The performance of the team/athlete then dictates the performance of the Everdragon in this game.



Every Everdragon is an ERC-721 Token, embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain. The owner has the only key to this Everdragon. Everdragons can't be deleted, changed or taken away.



Patrick Rieger

CEO / Co-founder

Patrick is the strategist of Everdragons and a never ending supply of creative ideas.

Marc Scherer

CTO / Co-founder

Marc is the one who makes the Everdragons dreams a reality.

Jacqueline Hardy

CMO / Co-founder

Jacqueline is the voice of Everdragons on social media and within the team.

Ruben Gonzalez

Dragon Illustrator

Ruben is the father of all Everdragons, illustrating them into life.

Quirin Koch

Front End Developer

Quirin makes everything more beautiful

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