Everdragons is the first blockchain game where your crypto collectibles are powered by real life events! You can play, compete and trade with your 100% unique Everdragons and earn Gems and Ether on the way.

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Gems are rewarded to Everdragons who win games. These Gems can then be used by this Everdragon to create challenges.

A high number of Gems may increase the value of the Everdragon.


By participating in games, Everdragons earn Prestige. It reflects the Everdragons experience and gains them access to higher level games and challenges.

A high level of prestige may increase the value of the Everdragon.



Every Everdragon has a preferred domain which is one of the four elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. As well as influencing their colors, it may give them an advantage in certain games.




Everdragons are driven by powers beyond the Blockchain. Each Everdragon is allocated a Power Source number, which is embedded in its DNA. It determines which source outside the Blockchain each Everdragon is powered by.



Buy, sell and collect! Everdragons make for interesting trading as they are all 100% unique in appearance and have many value influencing factors. Check out Power Source, Prestige and Gems.



Put your Everdragons forward in the Everdragon contests and they have a chance of winning Gems, Prestige and Ether. Contests are based on real life events such as cryptocurrency courses, sporting events, etc.



The betting portal is another way to win Ether with Everdragons, even without owning an Everdragon. Choose a contest, place a bet on the right Everdragon and win Ether! It is a fun, transparent and safe way of betting.


Everdragons are all 100% unique, no two are the same. They vary in design, color, origin, domain and Power Source. These aspects are written into the Everdragons DNA, embedded in the Ethereum Blockchain, and can never be altered.



Everdragons are driven by powers beyond the Blockchain. Each Everdragon is allocated a Power Source number, which is embedded in its DNA. It determines which source outside the Blockchain each Everdragon is powered by.

In a race, Everdragons are powered by the course of cryptocurrencies. Power Source 1 would connect an Everdragon to Bitcoin, as it is the first cryptocurrency by market cap. Power Source 2 would connect it to Ethereum. When the cryptocurrency gains value throughout the time of the race, the Everdragon performs better.

In a game based on a sporting event, Power Source number determines which team/athlete each Everdragon is associated with. The performance of the team/athlete then dictates the performance of the Everdragon in this game.

The Race

The first type of competition your Everdragons can participate in is the race.
Here is how it works:


The Race opens: Everdragons can join for an entry fee in Ether, filling the prize pot.

Depending on their Power Source number, each Everdragon is associated with a Cryptocurrency for this Race.

The value of each cryptocurrency that is powering an Everdragon is recorded at the start and the end of the race.

The change △ is calculated.

The Everdragons powered by the cryptocurrency with the highest increase win the prize pot.

In this example: Lisk



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Everdragons live on the Blockchain and roam the ever expanding decentralized network. They are all unique in design and powered by forces beyond the Blockchain.

ERC-721 Token


Every Everdragon is an ERC-721 Token, embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain.
The owner has the only key to this Everdragon.
Everdragons can't be deleted, changed or taken away.



  • Go public March 11, 2018
    Everdragons is introduced to the world!
  • Pre-Sale April 18, 2018
    Early Everdragons fans get a great bargain by purchasing Everdragon Eggs, that would hatch into fully grown Everdragons later!
  • Hatching July 8th, 2018
    You can hatch your Everdragon Eggs into Everdragons - ERC721 Token, fully owned by you!
  • Marketplace July 9th, 2018
    The Marketplace goes live. You can trade Everdragons with other players and purchase newly spawned Everdragons!
  • First Game August, 2018
    The first game goes online! Your Everdragons can compete agains other Everdragons. Everdragons can earn Gems and Prestige while you can win Ether.
  • More games August, 2018
    Many more games will follow: The Theme Party, the Quest and much more!
  • Naming & Mining August, 2018
    You can name your Everdragons. You can also send them to oversee one of the Gem mines and earn Gems in the process.
  • Challenge August, 2018
    You can now make your own game and challenge other players! You make the rules and set the entry fee!
  • Much more 2018
    Grand Events: A game based on major sporting events; Betting option; More Everdragon designs, more features, etc.
  • Total decentralization 2019
    Players will automatically be made shareholders, assets will be tokenized and the control will be handed over to the community. Everdragons is making use of the true potential of the blockchain.


Patrick Rieger

CEO / Co-founder

Marc Scherer

CTO / Co-founder

Jacqueline Hardy

CMO / Co-founder

Ruben Gonzalez

Dragon Illustrator


Web Developer